Swimming Pool Jell-o Sheet Cake



Are you over all of those summer posts yet? Yup, we aren’t either. That’s why we’re diving into summer with a swimming pool jell-o sheet cake for the win.

Whether on the hunt for your next’s serious pool party hit, or seeking for the best dessert-friendly way to beat the heat, we’ve got it covered!

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Fruit Pom Pom Earrings


We are all about that fruit-your day to day items life we couldn’t resist but upgrading our ordinary pom pom earrings into a vacation-ready outfit staple.

This summer we’ll be slayin’ effortlessly the “I’ve got my summer all figured out!” vibes with our fruit pom pom earrings.

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Key Lime Beach Pie


We are celebrating the first day of summer by combining our two ultimate summer favorites: key lime pie, and of course, the beach.

We came to the conclusion that this summer dessert will result on two possible outcomes, it will either leave you desiring to throw your very own beach party, or the oddest one; it will leave you desiring to lounge on your own Key Lime Beach Pie. 

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Palm Springs Doors Breakfast Poptarts


Palm Springs’s mid century’s colorful architecture has made its way to our breakfast table on a pop tart form.

Whether feeling a little palm springs-homesick or simply craving your daily door fix I guarantee these pop tarts will brighten up your day, perhaps your entire summer, it’s up to you!


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Pool Party Inspired Mocktails with Swan and Flamingo Floats

Summer is officially upon us, and we decided that it is about time to step up our mocktail game for future pool party’s sake.

Either chilling by the pool or having some couch quality time this drink fulfills all of our pool float dreams and yup, you guessed it: our thirst! 


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Hot Club Tub Mat

Not too long ago I was decided that baths weren’t my thing. After nearly giving up on them, yet continuing to shove them into my weekend routine,  it turned out that it had began to be quite therapeutic in deed.


Since baths had slowly become my me-time I started to look for a way to “sassy-up” the bathroom as it had to be done.

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’90s Heartthrobs Temporary Tattoos

From dorning the locker of every ’90s girl, to being the talk of the school yard and the reason of those never ending debates over the pages of the Tiger Beat Magazine. A tribute for those who skyrocketed to teen stardom, and sparked the obsessions of our nubile teenager selves.  We’ve created the grooviest temporary tattoos featuring our favorite heartthrobs from the late ‘90s and early 00’s.

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