Meet the founder:

Monserrat Solis, or most commonly referred as ‘’Monse’’ , was born in a small town in the North of Mexico that is best known for inventing the delicacy of the nacho.

At the short age of fifteen she moved across the globe and lived in the middle of the desert for the following three years, chilling at oasis and riding camels were fun and giggles but she was seeking for a form to fulfill her passion for creating and that is how the following blog was originated.

Currently living and keeping count of the rare sunny days in Northern Germany.


It’s a lifestyle blog founded in 2017 carefully crafted and brought to you with intend to give you just the right amount of that creative kick you never knew you needed. We have the strong belief that ideas shall not remain ideas but instead be turned into reality. ”Here comes the fun” features ways to make your stay in planet earth a slighty bit more cheery and festive from adorning your space to its whimsical potential to presenting unconventional style ideas and even satisfying your sweet tooth.


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