Mean Girls Quote Smore’s


We officially kicked off the bonfire season with only the most quotable movie of all time’s themed smore’s; Mean Girls.
That’s like so fetch isn’t it?

We’ve been obsessing over the idea of celebrating Mean Girls day on October 3rd with these Mean Girls Quote Smore’s.
Not only will these be like really pretty but ideal for the ultimate welcome autumn party not a traditional kind of gal!



We garnished your traditional go-to smore’s with white and hot pink sprinkles and these red lip sprinkles sprinkles and pink handmade cotton candy.

We topped our smore’s top graham cracker with a toothpick-made pink flag with a printed Mean Girls movie quote.

Here we listed some of our favorite quotes, not regular quotes, cool quotes:

“It’s so fetch”
“It’s butter a carb?”
“Boo, you whore”
“On Wednesdays we wear pink”
“You can’t sit with us”
“I’m a mouse duh”


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