Mexican Rainbow Conchas


We are transitioning into September with these Mexican Rainbow Conchas to cure the summer-ending blues.

Because the Mexican Independence is right around the corner we have decided to rainbow-ify mexican’s sweet bread: Conchas, aka my childhood’s favorite!

Whether a conchas first-timer or devoted aficionado, these Mexican Rainbow Conchas will have either of them over the rainbow.





You will need

3 3/4 Cup Flour.
3 Eggs.
1/2 Cup + 1 Tablespoon Milk.
2/3 Brown Sugar.
1/2 Teaspoon Salt.
Packet of Instant Dry Yeast.
120g Margarine.
Vanilla Extract.

Warm up milk. Mix milk, the instant dry yeast, one table spoon of flour and one table spoon of brown sugar until entirely disolved.
Allow the mixture to sit from 10-20 minutes.
Add to the mixture eggs, remaining sugar,  vanilla extract, and salt. Mix until combined.
Add the remaining flour to the mixture gradually.
Once intergrated, add room temperature butter.
Knead the dough for 30 minutes approximately until it becomes manageable. (Note: Dough will still be sticky, don’t worry. The more you knead the fluffier they will be).
Add extra flour if necessary.

Grease a bowl and allow the dough to rest and double its size (approximately 2 hours) in the greased bowl covering it.

Divide dough in equal parts and form small balls (Note: remember that they will still increase in size once baked).

Preheat oven at 338° F

For the sugar paste topping,

You will need:

1 1/2 Cup Powder Sugar.
1 1/3 Flour.
175 Grams Room Temperature Margarine.
Gel Food Coloring Dyes (purple, blue, green, yellow, orange, and red).

Mix powder sugar, flour and margarine until combined.
Separate the mixture in 6 equal parts and dye each of them a different color.
Align the colors next to each other as you wish to display them on a baking sheet as shown below.
With a tortilla presser press and release then check the size of your sugar topping and continue to press on it until it reaches your desired thickness and size. Place your sugar paste design in each individual bun.
Another way to do it is to roll with a rolling pin (wiping off any color that might have been transferred on to the rolling pin with every use) until it reaches your desired thickness. Use a circular cookie cutter or a cup of the right diameter to cut out a circle and place it on top of your formed buns.

For the “shell design”
Using a cup of your desired diameter (Note: ours was approximately-) mark the sugar paste topping carefully.
You may use a pizza cutter, a sharp knife or a Concha Cutter to obtain the designed.

Let them sit finally for a last 30 – 40 minutes before baking them.
Bake to 356° F for 15 minutes.


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