Swimming Pool Jell-o Sheet Cake



Are you over all of those summer posts yet? Yup, we aren’t either. That’s why we’re diving into summer with a swimming pool jell-o sheet cake for the win.

Whether on the hunt for your next’s serious pool party hit, or seeking for the best dessert-friendly way to beat the heat, we’ve got it covered!








You will need
Go-to sheet cake recipe. (We tried a dreamy creamsicle recipe for this!)
Box of berry blue jell-o.
Frosting of your choice.

Dreamy Creamsicle Sheet Cake

2 cups flour
2 cups sugar
½ cup butter
½ cup shortening
1 cup water
½ cup buttermilk
½ teaspoon baking soda
2 eggs
1 teaspoon vanilla
1 Tablespoons orange zest
2 teaspoons orange extract

In a large mixing bowl measure flour and sugar. Set aside. In a medium sauce pan, or microwavable bowl bring butter, shortening, and water to a boil. After mixture reaches a boil, add it to the four mixture and stir to combine. Add buttermilk, then baking soda, then eggs, then vanilla, orange extract and orange zest, in that order, mixing in between each addition.  If desired, add in a couple drops of orange food coloring and stir in.
Pour into a greased jelly roll pan and bake at 400 degrees F for 20 minutes.

For Cream Frosting

¼ cup butter, softened
4 cups powdered sugar
1 cup whipping cream
¼ teaspoon salt

In a medium size bowl, combine butter, powdered sugar and mix on low. Add whipping cream and salt and beat until creamy.

Jell-o Swimming Pool Cake Step-by-Step

STEP 1: Once baked, and chilled cut out from your sheet cake a rectangle out. Ours was roughly.

STEP 2: Prepare the jello according to the respective instructions in the box. Allow it to set and chill. Cut out a rectangle of the previous measurements. Carefully place inside of the cake.

STEP 3: Frost cake. Refrigerate cake.

STEP 4: Create fondant floaties. More is more. Place carefully right before displaying the cake.

Even though I don’t recommend you to display in heat in direct sunshine for long periods of time (it will melt the jell-o) I  encourage you to display it at least for a split second because you will want to snap some pictures, trust me.  
Display in the sun responsibly, folks.

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