Beach Vibes Palm Tree Chocolate Bark

Summer night-in’s favorite snack just got beached themed, sand dusted & palm tree topped with this Beach Vibes Palm Tree Chocolate Bark. We aren’t even mad about it!

This Beach Vibes Palm Tree Chocolate Bark will not only be your favorite to munch at night but will keep those summer parties ready to roll about whenever since it’s a last minute-dessert alternative, and you better believe it is.

You’ll need
White Chocolate Melts.
Cookie Crumbs 1/3 Cup.
Fondant (We used yellow, pink and green).
Brown m&m’s (Or round brown candy of choice).
Pirouline Chocolate cookies.
STEP 1: Melt white chocolate melts.
STEP 2: Spread melted chocolate on baking tray over non-stick parchment paper evenly to your desired thickness.
STEP 3: Dust over chocolate blended cookie crumbs while the chocolate has not harden yet.
STEP 4: Finish off by topping with fondant flowers and edible palm trees, using more melted chocolate to hold the pieces in place.
We used pirouline cookies, m&m’s (as coconuts) and we shapped green fondant to leaves.

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