Witches Brew Halloween Candle


Our brewing excitement for Halloween has been reflected on these oh so hauntingly pretty Witches Brew Halloween Candles. 

All it takes is a brew up of a cauldron full of this radioactive mixture to be delighted by green apple-like scent.

You will need:

Green Apple Scented Candle.
Candle Wick.
Halloween Mini Cauldron.
Halloween Sprinkles. ( We used Edible Eyes, Skulls and Ghosts).


1. Fill up your heat safe bowl with little pre chopped pieces of your green apple scented candle and place it in the microwave in 30 second intervals until it has melted completely.

2. Glue down the wick in the center of the cauldron and hold in place using two skewers.

3. Pour the wax in. Once the top of the wax starts to harden, press down gently your desired decorations.

4. Put the candle in the refrigerator until it has hardened completely. Trim down the wick and you have yourself a new candle!



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